A Letter from the Editor

December 29, 2020 Candice

A Letter from the Editor

Conscious Design Media and You

Welcome to Conscious Design Media, the first multi-channel media company focused on nontoxic high-quality indoor living.

We are a brand new media company with one goal: to educate the world about non-toxic indoor spaces created with human-centric intention. 

When our partner lab, EKG Consulting, began testing building materials and furnishings to create impact reports, we realized something shocking.

Though it has been a positive trend for many years to consider the ecological impact that building and design create on our planet, what is best for the planet and what is best for the human living in the space might not always be the same thing.

Did your head just explode? I know mine did, especially when the lead scientist elucidated with a simple statement, explaining that, “Not everything that is natural is nontoxic. Arsenic is natural and eco-friendly, but it’s not nontoxic.”

My inner monologue was immediate, “GASP! It’s true! What if I bought something  ALL NATURAL that really contained something poisonous!” followed by, “We have to tell people about this!” 

So what do we, at Conscious Design Media, the ONLY media company dedicated to Indoor Lifestyle, want you, the readers, to know?

We are going to give you hard facts in thought-provoking ways to empower you to make better decisions about what you bring into your indoor environments. We are going to share scientific realities to create change in the way people live, and change the indoor lifestyle industry from within.

We are giving you access to a like-minded community, and access to real scientists, designers, and thought leaders.

This is the beginning of what will be continuous discussion, action, and development to make the world more human-centric and improve indoor living and wellbeing. 

“But Candice, you are attractive and talented. You have worked for some of the most recognizable brands in the world! Why do you want to be the Executive Editor of Conscious Design Media?”

Everything you say is true, and my answer to you is that, years ago, when I was writing marketing copy for a flash-in-the-pan cosmetic product, I felt very dissatisfied about the nature of my contribution to society through my work. 

Did anyone really care about the (possibly false) promises of how yet another new cosmetic product could improve life, love, and appearance for everyone? I myself didn’t care, and I was the one writing the copy! 

Sometime later, I found myself in a deliciously interesting and meaningful role, as the front page editor for breaking news on a well known digital media outlet. 

I LOVED being at work, I loved packaging meaningful information about the world, the environment, health, and politics in a way that would reach millions. Why? Because I believed it was important for them to know these things. My work had value because of the way it could impact the lives of others. 

I resolved to never again waste my talents and brain cells in writing snarky ad copy about lotion. I don’t dismiss that Lotion Evangelism might be someone else’s calling, but it is definitely not mine.

I resolved to only seek work opportunities that had meaning to me. And the idea that Conscious Design Media can help people take charge of their indoor air quality and their overall health is one that deeply resonates with me. 

This is exactly where I want to be. A strategic part of giving wings to a message that can change your indoor world, and blow your indoor mind. 

I’m so glad that you found your way here, and I’m thrilled to hear the ways in which it will impact you in the coming months. 

With gratitude,


Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite

Executive Editor, Conscious Design Media



Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite is the Executive Editor of Conscious Design Media.